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                                            View from the Lake

"Shangri-La" is what we call Lake Rabun. "Camp Narrow Escape" was constructed to look as though it was built over 100 years ago. CNE was constructed using Heart Pine and Heart Cypress, locally milled White Pine, Locust and other wood, various Barks, Roots and Twigs and more than 250 tons of Native Georgia Creek Rock. Designed in the style of the Adirondack Great Camps, which were first constructed in the Northeastern United States from the mid-nineteenth through the mid twentieth century, we used plenty of stone and natural materials to create a rugged and rustic look that would allow our Camp to blend in with it's surroundings.

Lake Rabun is a 835 acre Lake that was created in 1915 by Georgia Power. Unlike many other man-made lakes in Georgia, Lake Rabun's water level rarely varies more than a few inches at any given time which makes it truly one of the most natural and beautiful lakes in Georgia.

HISTORY: Built at the foot of one of the longest and deepest valleys in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Lake Rabun began filling in May of 1915 to form a reservoir of over ten million gallons covering 835 acres with a normal water level of 1690 feet above mean sea level. It was the first of six power producing lakes developed by the Georgia Railway and Power Company on the Tallulah and Tugalo rivers. As a Georgia Power Company facility, it now serves as a power source and a water supply for local communities, while providing recreational activities for all interested.

ACTIVITIES: Hiking, Golf, Fishing, Wildlife Viewing, Shopping, Restaurants, Sightseeing, Swimming, Boating, Water-skiing SITES TO SEE: Tallulah Falls Gorge -- the oldest natural gorge in North America, second in depth to Grand Canyon. Black Rock Mountain -- located astride the eastern continental divide -- altitude 3,640 feet. Anna Ruby Falls -- a unique set of spectacular twin waterfalls. Minnehaha Falls -- one of the prettiest in the northeast mountains is located just a mile from the home site.